Ski area La Rosière


LA ROSIERE - La Rosire Espace San Benarado is a singular French ski resort in the northern Alps due to the international connection with ski lifts between La Roserie ski resort in the French Savoy and Italian ski resort La Thuile in Valle d’Aosta. The possibility that you can cross country border on skis surely is a special feeling for every level skier. On the French side, Espace San Bernardo has a breathtaking view of the Tarentaise valley, and on the highest point of the ski resort on 2650 m above sea level, you can enjoy a panoramic view you will never forget of the surrounding mountains and the magnificent Mont Blanc. The south orientation of the ski resort near the border can boast with abundance of long sunny days, and over the border in Italy, La Thuile guarantees a snow cover due to the north oriented ski slopes and dry snow “ powder ” . With 160 km of ski trails in total ( 7 green, 28 blue, 33 red and 14 black) and 38 various types of ski lifts, Espace San Bernardo ski resort offers various challenges: 11 km long San Bernardo slope, unregulated but secure off-road area above La Rosiere, snowpark with ski jumps and tracks with different levels of difficulty, and for children there are specially designed and equipped snow parks, so La Rosiere is with reason one of the French ski resorts which has received a “Les p’tits Montagnards” mark as a especially child-friendly ski resort for families with children.

Ski slopes

Beginner trails - Green trails
Easy trails - Blue trails
52 km
Moderate trails - Red trails
81 km
Hard trails - Black trails
27 km


Gondola lifts
Detachable gondola lifts
Aerial tramway
Total ski trails length

160 km


1850 - 2800 m

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